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We specialize in offering turn key fundraising for local organizations using custom placemats for your event.

To get started, it is simple.  Fill out the form below.  Since we will tailor what we do to your needs, feel free to pick one of the following in the form below where there is more description:

(1) Just print it

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(3) White glove service

In all cases, size, type and other factors impact the cost, we'll discuss this with you in as much detail as needed.

When you fill in this form, we'll be in touch. 
We work around your budget and fundraising needs.

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We'll print the proof (file) you provide for the placemat of an agreed size. We'll work with you to make things work, unless you're not interested or don't need help.
Depending on your particular needs, working with advertisers on your behalf is our pleasure. Or, if you want parts of "just print it" and we can provide the template for the placemat ads. Additionally, if desired we can coach, support and guide folks from your organization on how to approach advertisers.
We'll design the proof and any relevant advertising in addition to any other needs you may have or encounter, and we'll make sure your placemat fundraiser is a hands-down success.
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